GROWING UP in Los Angeles has given me an appreciation for the city and the many cultures that live within it.  I am constantly inspired by what is going on around me in the diverse and vibrant landscape.  This environment – from street art to high fashion, active lifestyle to music culture – drives my creativity and ultimately influences the designs that I create.

For the MOSLEY TRIBES Summer 2012 campaign, we decided to photograph the frames in the environment and on individuals that inspired me to create them.  I chose a few of my favorite areas of Los Angeles, all completely different and unique.  The WESTSIDE is where I have chosen to put down my roots and I wanted to capture the laidback active lifestyle I get to enjoy every day.  MID-WILSHIRE has always been a place of imagination for me, reaching as far back as my childhood when I explored the La Brea Tar Pits.  HOLLYWOOD is not only home to our headquarters, but also a definitive source of inspiration that continues to drive the brand.  DOWNTOWN is an area that is constantly changing and the urban aspect of it lends a sense of discoverability.  The Arts District in particular is incredibly vibrant, with lively cafes and colorful graffiti art.  These four distinct locations epitomize the different aspects of Los Angeles that make it such a unique place to live.

Although styles and trends are constantly changing in Los Angeles, these most recent designs look timeless and authentic in their natural environments.  The collection as a whole is the perfect reflection of Los Angeles itself and the unique individuals we chose to wear them bring each frame to life.